Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #8 Grace III…


Yesterday a friend of mine was talking about the “invasion” taking place here in the area. An invasion of snowy owls. It seems their diet of Lemmings has been disrupted this year from the north and to avoid starvation they have migrated south to the region around the Great Lakes. How delicate is the balance between humans and the environment. Do we show grace to that which depends on our stewardship? Which brings me to the grace we show to creation. It took sheer grace to create this planet, wildlife, and humans. It was grace that flung the starry night into being. It is grace it seems that keeps the whole thing on schedule. We just mosey on down the road without a thought most of the time of the grace given and the grace we should share with the creation around us.


John Muir, the great conservationist of the National Park Movement in the U.S. said, Most people are on the world, not in it–have no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them– undiffused, separate, and rigidly alone like marbles of polished stone, touching, but separate. We are stewards of the grace given us that we are then to share with the creation. In fact the book of Genesis states, The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to take care of it. (Gen. 2:15) – work and take care – show grace. When economists talk about us we are “consumers.” Why not be “conservers?” We need to reclaim the word “conservative” from those who would usurp its meaning for political ambition. We are to show grace to creation as we have been show grace by the creator.


Each person in some small way can show grace to the environment. It is a simple thing. A grace-full thing.


About Denny Meyer

I've been a pastor, spiritual director, and spiritual coach and worked with thousands of people over the years. You can find the life the Creator intended for you. Contact me if you want to find out more.
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