Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #153 Trifle?

Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #153 Trifle?


God is not a trifle. Even though Dick Durbin, representative from Illinois and former chairman of the Democratic Platform Committee, said that his being questioned over this issue was out of bounds. It is not an out of bounds question. His exact words were, “I’m just telling you, you are harping on a trifle.” Durbin was also asked to weigh in on the removal of the word “Jerusalem” from the platform and Durbin, who chaired the platform committee for two Democratic conventions, called what he produced “the most unread document in the history of American politics.” Durbin said Baier’s focus on two words left out of this year’s platform suggests “you are not focusing on the real issues that Americans care about.” We don’t care? We don’t care? You are wrong Mr. Durbin. We do care. Read more at: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0912/80683.html#ixzz25av3SO8S

Explaining this one official of the convention said, “The 2008 platform reference is ‘God-given’ and is about growing the middle class and making America fair, not actually about faith. The platform includes an entire plank on the importance of faith based organizations and the tremendous work that they do. Further, the language we use to talk about faith and religion is exactly the same vocabulary as 2008. I would also note that the platform mentions: ‘faith’ 11 times; ‘religion’ or ‘religious’ 9 times; ‘church’ 2 times (one is a quote); and, ‘clergy’ 1 time.”

Political corectetness is alive and well.

Prior to the convention officials and organizers declared that there would be no special interest money accepted. However, shell groups or “sister corporations” were formed accept private funding for lobbyists and large corporate donors. In Charlotte behind-the-scenes receptions and other exclusive events allow the political elite to mingle with donors and special interests in a way that’s remarkable even by Washington standards. Dozens of events are happening and scores of donors, lobbyists and corporate heads are mingling and sipping adult beverages in a loosely regulated setting. So deniability is at work with God and with lobbyists. However, the lobbyists don’t seem to rise to the level of a trifle.

Do I have anyone who represents me in Washington? I’m just not sure anymore. Fundamentalistic opinions from he left and the right seem to have taken over. I only have one hope as expressed in Luke 1:37, “Nothing is impossible for God.” Not even when God is trivialized and lobbyists are institutionalized. We have a God who rises above politics, nation, and history. Life is more than party politics.

Be Well and Keep Faith Alive


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I've been a pastor, spiritual director, and spiritual coach and worked with thousands of people over the years. You can find the life the Creator intended for you. Contact me if you want to find out more.
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