Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #181 Psalm 84:11

Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #181  www.dennymeyer.me

Psalm 84:11

11 For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.
He gives us grace and glory.
The Lord will withhold no good thing
from those who do what is right.

What good things will our Creator NOT withhold? We often think of riches in the West being material things, possessions, and money. Yet, time is the most valuable thing you have. Having time is really THE most valuable thing you will spend. It is a pure gift of grace. You can take care of yourself, you can be a good steward of the time you have, and you can invest it in others but you can never get it back once spent. So how we spend time make a great deal of difference.

When you think of the great spiritual movements of history they come from a point of rest or withdrawing from the time pressures of life. Luther’s translation of the Bible is just one example. His life was under threat and he was sequestered in  Wartburg Castle. It was there that he first translated the New Testament into the language of his people in Germany. He did not set out to do this immediately. It was only when his very life was threatened that he withdrew from the normal activities of his life to begin this project. It took quite an adjustment to settle into this new behavior of solitude and what he considered inactivity. But look at the result. It turned the world upside down.

Take time for rest and meditation. In prayer it is as important to listen for the voice of your Creator as it is to talk. Take time to be quiet, listen, and rest when you get the chance.

Be Well

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