Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #185 Grass Catcher

Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #185 Grass Catcher   http://www.dennymeyer.me

Years ago I attended a seminar on time management. Some of the ideas I liked and have used since 1980. Others ideas I simply discarded. Perhaps you’ve heard of these before – I did not invent them. Here were the main ones:

Priorities – Essential’s – Critical’s were 1A – 5A. We were urged not to have too many things on that list because it got to be overwhelming.

Important’s were 1B – 5B. These were things you wanted to get done but were not critical or vital.

1C – 5C came off what was called the “Grass Catcher List.” This was the one I loved. They were things that you wanted to get done but were not critical or even important. They were not things that I procrastinate about but just weren’t that vital to get done today or even this week. They were not the 1A or 1B. I still keep a note card with work grass catcher items and one with personal grass catcher items. As a man I usually live by the truth, “I’ll get to that – you don’t have to remind me every six months!” Jesus said, “…do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  I say, “Keep a grass catcher list and look at it any day that you have extra time on your hands. Eventually some of those things on the list may become so unimportant that they just drop off.” Now that is creative procrastination. We make too many things priorities and confuse the vital with the somewhat important. There are things that may be vital that we just don’t like to do – but hey, that’s life – do them first.

I hope you have a worry free weekend – enjoy some sabbath time – find a church where the message, the music, and the community speak to your heart – take time to be in the Word – and think about what is vital, important, and what should just be on your grass catcher list.

Be Well

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