Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #210 Ready…

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Our next step along this path of waiting, watching, and wondering how to live our true life is: “We are entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” It is time for change. Not change that we accomplish because of all the self-help methods we’ve tried. Those methods can’t change what God can change. We have, for too long, held on to our defects of character like pets we protect, feed, and tend because we don’t really want God to change things. These character defects have become too comfortable, to customary, too much a part of our habits and routines. Even when others are being hurt and we are hurting we cling to our defects of character because they seemingly give us control. That is false hope. We are seekers of truth.

Entirely ready – complete – unequivocally – unconditionally ready you know you can’t jump to this step before doing the work that led to this point. You can’t just say, “I want to change,” or pray, “God change me,” before you follow the path that gets you here. One exception might be if you are traveling down your own Damascus Road (read Acts chapter 9). Many who are Christians get ready for Christmas – you write cards – you shop – you decorate – you bake – so why not get your life ready as a gift to God, yourself, and loved ones. If you are not a Christian think of the things that motivate you to get ready – a big event – a graduation – a family gathering – someone’s birthday – or other meaningful moments and recognize that there is a spiritual power within you that can change the defects of your character that keep you from being YOU.

Advent is full of expectations and preparations. Put yourself on the list along with all the other preparations.

Be Well

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