Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #2 Beginnings….

#1 of the Spiritual Sites

#1 of the Spiritual Sites

Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #2  Beginnings….   http://www.dennymeyer.me

The Chapel of the Resurrection, pictured here, is a spiritual home for me in many ways. It was a place of decision, of worship, of dreaming, of prayer, of joy, and so much more. I am a pilgrim to the Chapel often. It is the first of my 52 spiritual locations that I’ll share with you in the course of the year. Here are some things to know about the Chapel:

The Chapel of the Resurrection is the dominant structure on the campus of Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana. It has been described as the largest collegiate chapel in the United States and it’s asserted that it is the second largest collegiate chapel in the world. Other universities have made similar claims but it depends on how one measures the building.

The chapel’s chancel is 98 feet high and is circular in shape; the roof of the apse is shaped like a nine-pointed star. The nave is 58 feet high and 193 feet long. The building capacity is over 2000.

It is used for many campus worship services, and serves as the location for convocations, musical performances, lectures, and other ceremonies. It is visible from U.S. 30 as you travel between Merrillville, Indiana and Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The Chapel is located on the highest point of ground on the University campus. O.P. Kretzmann, a former professor and president of the University, once said that he hoped that if the University should ever become a secular institution the Chapel would be so large and central to the University that it would constitute an embarrassment to secularism.

One of the highlights of a visit to the Chapel is the Baptistry. Located on the lower level near the spiral staircase it is where I made a commitment to leading a more focused spiritual journey with my life. The Chapel is worth a visit no matter where you live. God is not in a building but sometimes buildings represent aspirations of our spirit to reach up to God and to let architecture and the arts praise creation and the Creator. Find a place of pilgrimage this week and give thanks. Let the positive message of resurrection become for you not just a theological or doctrinal expression but something that you live out by being an influence on the world around you.

Be Well

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