Spiritual Coaching Spiritual Places #6 Sedona

Red RocksSpiritual Coaching Spiritual Places #6     Sedona    www.dennymeyer.me

During February I used to attend a conference in Phoenix, Arizona – aaah, Phoenix in February – we always had a day at the start and a day at the end for free time. One year I drove up the last day to Sedona. What a beautiful spot to visit and a place that has some serious spiritual significance, not only for Native Americans, but also for New Age Practitioners, and just regular spiritual life junkies like me. I’m just in love with God’s creation and if I could get paid to hang out in it all the time I would.

If you head west out of Sedona on Ariz. 89A and take a left onto Airport Road, you’ll drive up onto Airport Mesa, it offers an unobstructed panoramic view of Sedona and the red rock area. About halfway up there is a small parking area and you can catch easy trails radiating from that location. If you go to the top of the mesa there is a larger parking area and view point that attracts big crowds of sunset gazers. The views from here are among the most majestic in the region.

On one of my hikes while in Sedona for that short day was a walk in the red rocks to three pools of water pictured in today’s “Spiritual Places.” Go to Sedona if you get the chance. It is stunningly beautiful. The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two reasons for the unique beauty and energy of the Sedona landscape and its tangible regenerative and inspirational powers. The red-orange color of the rock is one of the most neuro stimulating of colors. Many scientists who study light and its effect on human nature say it enhances creative thinking and problem solving.

Sedona is framed year round by green, you will may experience a real sense of hope and renewal, regardless of the season. Spectacular trails and overlooks provide numerous opportunities for prayer, and meditation. Sedona has also become known internationally for what is called its “Vortex” sites.  Some say that within a very small area you can easily access different types of vortexes: upflow, masculine, electric, inflow, feminine, magnetic, etc. These so called Vortex sites are interwoven with a real town and energetic and interesting people. So many people now experience what it’s like to live spirituality as they go through their daily routines. Rather than having to escape the world to find peace, they discover Sedona’s energy gives them insights on inner harmony.Sedona

Jesus would often retreat early in the morning and other times of the day when the crowds got big and disciples annoying (my interpretation) and go to a quiet spot in the hills or in the desert. There he would commune with the Father and find refreshment and restoration.  You don’t have to travel to Sedona to find that but find it in a simple daily walk or some other nature enriching moment.

Be Well…


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