Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #10 5 Weeks

gold-clockSpiritual Coaching Vol 3 #10     5 Weeks   http://www.dennymeyer.me

We are five weeks into the new year. How have they been for you? Do these weeks fly swiftly or do they drag and you hope for some relief. Time is a funny thing. I have a ninety-seven year old friend who says that the key for her is to just keep moving. I can’t disagree. She plans to travel to Sweden when she is 100.  Measuring time might be a problem for us. Abraham Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

So I did a little reading and came across this, “There are two contrasting viewpoints on time which divide many prominent philosophers. One view is that time is part of the fundamental structure of theuniverse—a dimension independent of events, in which events occur in sequence. Sir Isaac Newton subscribed to this realist view, and hence it is sometimes referred to as Newtonian time. The opposing view is that time does not refer to any kind of “container” that events and objects “move through”, nor to any entity that “flows”, but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure within which humans sequence and compare events.” Well then, was my only response.

Jesus said, “Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (Matt 6:34) In other words, “Take it a day at a time.” We live and think too much in the past or the future (I know I do) and I’m not at all sure that it is healthy. “Keep moving,” was my ninety-seven year old friend’s advice. Perhaps time doesn’t catch up with us – we are just where we are. There are moments of time when I soak it in and appreciate them. I will do more of that this “year” – or whatever we want to call it.

Be Well…

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