Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #19 A Story…

Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #19   A Story…

On Saturday I spoke with Sandy. Sandy is my son-in-law’s mother. She is dying. She had cancer surgery a few months ago but continued to have problems. Her doctors decided to go back in to see what was causing this. What they found was inoperable. Her husband and kids brought her home and called hospice to help them with the days ahead. When I visited this past Saturday we talked about faith and life I told a story about a hike along the Oregon coast that seemed to me to be a lot like life.

There is a little peninsula (I think it was Cape Lookout State Park). As you start out the path is smooth and wide and it best enjoyed on a beautiful day. It’s good to have a leader who can disciple you on the hike. That can and be an encouragement. When we were there it had rained a lot in the days before – but it always rains in Oregon it seems. Further down the path it narrows and becomes more challenging. It goes up and down and into the interior of the peninsula and then back to the edge along the ocean. On the one side, not more than two feet away, there is at least a one hundred foot drop off to the Pacific Ocean and the rocky coast. There were points at which you might feel like getting on hands and knees and crawling.hike 2

On the other side of the path there was deep forest and a hill that rises along side the path. It would difficult or impossible to climb. The narrow path continued up and down with cutbacks and roots traversing the path. Little rivulets of water crisscrossed the path to add a little more danger and difficulty. You might begin to think that this is what life is like – danger on one side, a huge challenge that could overwhelm you on the other, and a narrow path that had its own difficulties to follow. hike 4

Finally, after the miles of hiking you come around the last corner with the deeply grooved path and you see it. The Pacific Ocean spread out in an unrestrained vista reaching to the horizon. Peace – Pacific. Like faith after the dangers, difficulties, and challenges, God gives a gift to those who don’t turn back or give up. Peace that extends eternally. hike 3

Sandy and I parted with a few tears after we talked about what the days ahead would be like. She had her kids around her and her loving husband, brother, sister, and friends. We are all praying that she would find the smooth part of the path ahead and the dangers behind with the beautiful vista just ahead.

hike 5

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