Spiritual Coaching Vol 2 #31 The Seder?

sederSpiritual Coaching Vol 2 #31 The Seder?

Today, Thursday, would have been the day that Peter and John, the beloved disciple, were  sent by Jesus to make preparation for Passover meal. After sunset Jesus and the disciples would eat that meal together. Mandatum, a New Command, to “love one another” would establish a new precedent and sacrament for the early Christ-followers. Jesus shocks his followers when he stoops and washes their feet. Judas left sometime during the meal to meet with the other conspirators who would arrest Jesus in the Garden where Jesus would pray while the others would sleep.

It would be in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus agonized over the hours ahead. Ultimately Jesus would be deserted by all of his followers as he is betrayed by Judas and arrested by the Sanhedrin. Then the humiliation began at the house of High Priest as the Sanhedrin is convened. Jesus would soon be falsely accused and turned over to the Romans for sedition and for being a traitor. All for the sake of humanity.

Tonight twelve other actors and I will reenact the Last Supper in the upper room with a “play/worship experience” called the “Living Last Supper.” First portraying Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting and then a series of monologues that will examine the impressions and possible feelings of the disciples that night. If you are in LaPorte come and see the performances at 4:30PM and 7:00PM at Bethany you can find our more at http://www.bethanylaporte.org

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