Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #38 DARE…

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Tonight at our local school  board meeting I will have the privilege or representing Bethany, my home church as the school corporation and police announce that D.A.R.E. is coming back to the fifth grade classes in LaPorte. It was recently said about DARE, “In founding the D.A.R.E. program, Chief Daryl Gates helped ensure a better future for our children. He recognized, before most, that the long term solution to drug abuse is prevention and education. The D.A.R.E. program now benefits millions of students throughout the world each year because of the vision of Chief Gates.” Charlie Parsons, is now CEO and President of D.A.R.E. International.

Thanks to Bethany and its efforts in hosting the Clint Black concert on December 1, 2012, all the proceeds were given to drug and suicide prevention. The local police have now initiated this program in cooperation with the schools. In addition the school corporation  is working on other avenues to help curb these harmful epidemics.

For instance did you know that use of prescription drugs for non-medical use is increasing at incredible rates.  Approximately 1.3 million citizens report abuse of prescription drugs each yearThese drugs can be very effective if used under a physician’s care, however, if misused they can prove deadly.  Parents and communities need to work together to help prevent the misuse and abuse of these powerful substances. Illicit drug use is declining for teens.  Unfortunately, the use of prescription drug abuse is increasing and is currently being abused more than any illicit drug except marijuana.

The key is a combination of efforts. Education, intervention, counseling services, and community involvement are all vital to the effort to make our kids healthier. In order to make a full impact we can’t overlook the need for a spiritual awakening. We are created body, mind, and spirit – if one part is unhealthy the other parts suffer. My prayer is that we will see ourselves as a community created and sustained by God. This is God’s creation and we are merely stewards. We are charged with taking care of the creation and each other.

On one other note this morning – we are all Bostonians and Patriots today. We grieve with those who died and those who are injured after the horrific attacks at the end of the Boston Marathon. My prayers are lifted up – all of America is praying and hoping for the best for the injured, those who treat them, and every safety worker seeking to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of this madness.



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1 Response to Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #38 DARE…

  1. Linda Pinkepank says:

    I am so glad to see the DARE program come back. I know it made quite an impression on my son when he was in 5th grade. At an age when most days what he did on the playground seemed to be much more important than what happened in the classroom, he always had something to say about the DARE program. I could tell he really thought about what he learned and that the DARE officer was a great role model. Good job Bethany for bringing it back!

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