Spiritual Coaching Vol 3 #53 Revision…

LifeSpiritual Coaching Vol 3 #53  Revision…

Sorry I’ve been away from writing for a few days. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the direction of the Spiritual Coaching blog. I’ve been considering it’s purpose and importance to me and others. I really would like to get some feedback from some of you on what you would like to hear or know or areas of your life’s journey where you need to grow.

I came across a quote from John Irving, “There’s no reason you shouldn’t, as a writer, not be aware of the necessity to revise yourself constantly.” That is perhaps what I am doing but I want to do that with a mind toward what you as readers are looking for. If I only write what I am thinking about it is like writing a diary that you happen to read – or like watching my home movie – boring. What are the issues that most interest you? Where do you find the need to grow the most?

I mentioned in my last entry that becoming a man, woman, or young adult after God’s own heart takes a few life adjustments. So here is my take on L.I.F.E. today:

L – is for a living relationship with God. It’s letting your purpose determine your lifestyle not your lifestyle determine your purpose. It begins with time in the Word like any relationship, that is healthy, you must spend time at it. It’s not just a quick “Hey God, Wassss Uuup?” Getting to know God in quiet listening, reading, reflecting, discussing, praising, and communing brings about a living relationship. Put it into practice and see

I – is for Insight. Jesus said the Spirit will “guide you into all truth.”  (John 16:13) The Spirit will take what you learn and teach you more. It will not just insights into the Bible but insights into life. Again you need to begin somewhere – the Word, worship, learning, serving, praying, and giving. This is how God designed it – stinginess with our time and resources is not godliness. Try it and find out – In the application will come the experience.

F – is for freedom and freedom brings reduced negative stress. Of course, not all stress is bad. There is harmful stress and positive stress. With the freedom God gives we’ll have reduced worry, the unburdening of sin and shame, the melting away of grudges and guilt, the promise of forgiveness. It will truly be a new beginning each day. You can start each day in one of two ways. One is saying, “Good god! It’s morning?” the other could be, “Good God, it’s morning!” Which is the better way to approach the day ahead?

E – is for enthusiasm for living. All of this adds us to life becoming an adventure not drudgery. You’ll see the results when you place your life in God’s hands. You’ll find a cause, a purpose, and a life filled with possibilities. No longer will you be pinned down or tied – instead you will find your life is unleashed.

Be Well…


About Denny Meyer

I've been a pastor, spiritual director, and spiritual coach and worked with thousands of people over the years. You can find the life the Creator intended for you. Contact me if you want to find out more.
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