Camelot Begins…. (Spiritual Coaching Vol 3/86)

JFK and JackieSeptember 12, 1953, a US Senator named John F. Kennedy, married Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island. In seven short years, this couple would launch a new Camelot as the youngest president and first lady in American history.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was born into a prominent New York family in 1929. In 1951, after graduating from George Washington University, she took a tour of Europe. When she returned in the fall she began her first job as the Washington Times-Herald’s. Shortly after that, she met a young, senator from Massachusetts named John Kennedy at a dinner party in Georgetown. They dated over the next two years, during which time Jackie mused at the idea that she might actually marry a man who was allergic to horses, something that she thought she’d never consider. In 1953, they were engaged.

There were married two years later at St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island. There were 750 guests at the wedding and 450 more people joined the wedding reception. JFK was the first president that I was conscious of as a young boy. His stirring words, his young family, and the hope it all engendered. Heady days that deserved the image of Camelot.

Are we perhaps too intrusive today, to jaded and syndical, and too “tabloid” in our inquiry about the lives of our leaders. After all, look at King David, Moses, and Peter of Biblical stories. Very flawed people can still be used mightily by God for great purposes. Many people want to decry the flaws of leaders – walk a mile in their shoes. Look inward before you pull back the curtain of Camelot. We are all flawed. It is in recognition of those flaws and the ability to move beyond them that we are available for God’s purposes. Knowing that the BIG story is not about us we can recognize our usefulness to the Creator’s BIG purpose.

Be Well…



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