Star Wars?

woody-allenStar Wars?

Can you believe that in 1978 with the release of the movie Star Wars that the 5oth Academy Awards gave Annie Hall the award for best picture on this very day? There were more action adventure blockbusters on the horizon – Star Wars was just the beginning of a new wave, but on the night of April 3, 1978 a small-scale romantic comedy triumphed over a big-budget space movie. Yes, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall beat out George Lucas’ Star Wars.

Annie Hall was a huge move for Woody Allen, who made his debut as a writer, director, and star back in 1969. In Annie Hall, Allen blended comedy with his offbeat look at love, relationships, and philosophy. Diane Keaton, Allen’s co-star, was also his real-life girlfriend and the chemistry was evident. The film also won Oscars for Allen as Best Director and Best Original Screenplay and for Keaton as Best Actress. In typical Woody Allen style he didn’t even attend the ceremony – bravo Woody.

I guess my point is that love triumphs over science fiction. We long for real life relationships even when we want to escape at times into the world of fiction. We need love and humor to survive. This, too, is part of healthy living. Along with diet, exercise, and rest we need love. We are created for relationships and our hearts long for one that is special beyond what the Greeks called philo – brotherly affection. We want romance, passion, and fulfillment. So here is my salute to Woody Allen who helps us remember among the rise of science fiction and action blockbusters that love triumphs.

Be Well…

Vol 4 #31

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