Guided Spiritual Life Coaching Week #2 Day #4

Guided Spiritual Life Coaching Week #2 Day #4

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It is always amazing how the Spirit synchronizes the experiences of our life with how God desires for us to grow. We sometimes miss this because our emotions fool us – we don’t trust that God is really looking out for the best in our life. We may “know” this spiritually but may not “feel” it from the experience we are having. I was feeling down about the blog last week and even though I like to write it seemed as though it was a fruitless endeavor. Who really reads or applies what I am writing about. Then during the week I was at three different events and three people told me how much they appreciated reading the blog posts. During the same period I received three or four emails confirming the same thing.

Our personal history and emotional view of our life can deeply affect our feelings. We give meaning to certain events and choose to be happy or unhappy based on the meaning we give them. Today I’d like you to repeat this phrase several times:

“My experiences give me positive meaning so that I may grow into the person God intends me to become.”

Try to notice how your experiences today give meaning to your life and how you interpret that meaning. Clear away a couple of mundane tasks to make room for your journaling about your experiences and celebrations. Review the very first commitment you made during the first week. You want to have a vital and energized life.  You can’t always choose the circumstances of your life but you can choose how you respond to them. You can be “reactionary” or “responsive.” Reacting does not require thinking. It is a knee-jerk to the experience. Response is a more thoughtful and deliberate way to experience your life. This takes more time but will help you to derive more meaning and significance.

Is there a cross you have around your neck, or an object of meaning that will easily fit in your pocket? Take that with you today and look at it several times today. Reflect on the meaning and response you want to have to the experiences of the day. Become more conscious of your responses and reactions. Repeat the following scripture as you consider how you respond to life and how you are growing spiritually:

“A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” Ecclesiastes 3:4

Be Well…

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