Guided Spiritual Life Coaching Week #3 Day #3

Guided Spiritual Life Coaching Week #3 Day #3

The last couple of days we’ve considered your emotions and how they work in your life – how they can drain or energize your daily activity. As you seek a more vitalized spiritual life you are taking time to journal your experiences and your celebrations. I hope you are recording your thoughts or the steps you take toward a more vitalized life. If you don’t put the steps into action it will be hard to make progress. Go back to the first week for a moment and look at the contact you made with yourself. There have probably been interruptions and events that have interfered with the progress. This is natural and should be expected but it should not stop you or discourage you. Accept it, move through it, and move ahead.

Emotions don’t just happen to you – they are you. As you begin to recognize the triggers to your emotions, you begin to SENSE your emotions and MANAGE your emotions in meaningful ways. Reacting to them is letting them control you. Acting in response to your emotions is the alternative. Stop – be aware of the emotion. It’s like hitting the “pause button” on your emotions for a moment and gaining some personal perspective. What are you feeling? Now move into the emotion fully aware of what you are experiencing. You are living in the moment. Reaction is simply letting the emotion control you. It is not about response any more – instead it is a sensory reaction and you have lost control. t doesn’t take away from them – it enhances the emotion by being aware of what you are experiencing. They no longer control you.

Use this affirmation today:

I am loved and I am able to love deeply and fully.

Also, repeat this scripture several times today:

“We love each other because God loved us first.” 1 John 4:19

You are loved before you are even born. You are created to live and love life. You are created to embrace your emotions and be aware of them. When you know you are loved and are lovable you can show love more easily. It overflows from the reservoir of love you have in your life.

Consider how you relate to the world today. With all its chaos and tragedy – you remain a source of love, energy, and vitality. When you love, serve, and work to share your “loveliness” you are creating a space that benefits others as well as yourself.

Be Well…


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