Spiritual Life Coaching – Children Matter

Spiritual Life Coaching – Children Matter

This week I’m going to take a little turn from last week and talk about people who have influenced the world through their activism in non-profits. Marian Wright (Edelman) was born June 6, 1939 in Bennettsville, South Carolina. When her father died in 1953, she was just 14, and his last words to here were, “Don’t let anything get in the way of your education.”

She attended Marlboro Training High School in Bennettsville, and went on to Spelman College and traveled the world on a Merrill scholarship and studied in the Soviet Union as a Lisle fellow. She also became involved in the Civil Rights Movement, and after being arrested for her activism, she decided to study law and enrolled at Yale Law School where she earned a Juris Doctor in 1963. Marion Wright Edelman became the Founder & President of the Children’s Defense Fund Washington and eventually earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She is the author of an article, “We Must Never Give Up” and a constant advocate for school safety and education.

It was in 1973, when she founded the Children’s Defense Fund it was to be an organization aimed at helping the most vulnerable among us – children. She focused especially on poor children, children of color, and children with disabilities. The organization has served as an advocacy and research center for children’s issues, documenting the problems and possible solutions to children in need.

From humble beginnings come great ideas and worthy efforts. Tragedy can bring triumph when we don’t give up. If you are faced with an obstacle that is seemingly insurmountable – don’t give up or give in. Trust that God can use you and your determination to make a difference.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 

Be Well…



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