Spiritual Life Coaching – The Next Big Thing

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Next Big Thing

Can you believe that it has been twenty-five years since Apple Computer introduced the Mac and shifted the landscape of computing? I just began working in LaPorte a year before that.  Now Apple is poised to do it again – maybe. If any company can transform the landscape, it’s likely to be Apple after the company shifted the direction of digital technology with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Other MP3 music players, smartphones and tablet computers were first to market, but the devices didn’t entice consumers until Apple imbued them with a sense of elegance, convenience and wizardry. “It means more to us to get it right than to be first,” Apple CEO Tim Cook explained to analysts earlier this year.

Apple is likely to provide the first peek at its wearable device at today’s event in the same Silicon Valley auditorium where Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, unveiled the industry-shifting Mac computer 25 years ago. Yet, this is the danger of consumerism as well. We are always looking for the next big thing. So we begin to look at all of life this way. “What do I get out of this? What is the cost vs return on my investment?” Americans ask. We transfer these questions to family, church, and friendships so that life becomes a consumeristic way of existing – we are no long living life – we are buying stuff.

Yet, for Christ-followers we hear the words, “If you want to save your life you must lose it.” (Matt. 10:39). Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see what new technology will bring (and what it will cost) but I want more out of life. I don’t just want to be a consumer anymore. I also hope that families will chose a spiritual home – a church family that is not a consumer choice but a commitment to serve not be served.

Technology won’t save us. It hasn’t even made life easier. We have to work more because we are ALWAYS available. It has impersonalized relationships and given us “virtual” relationships. Technology offers us the invitation, “Take up your smart phone daily and follow me on Facebook.” It’s all smoke and battery life.

The only reason I ask you to follow anything I write or say is that you would look to Jesus – the author and perfecter of life. That is what saves us and can save humanity through the love, sacrifice, goodness, and grace that comes from him.

Be Well…



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I've been a pastor, spiritual director, and spiritual coach and worked with thousands of people over the years. You can find the life the Creator intended for you. Contact me if you want to find out more.
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