Spiritual Life Coaching – “Where to go when you don’t know where to go.”

Spiritual Life Coaching – “Where to go when you don’t know where to go.”

Lewis Carrol wrote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Thomas once asked Jesus,  “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” John 14:5

Sometimes we just feel lost or on a treadmill. Like the movie Groundhog Day we keep waking up and it’s the same thing over and over. So people might choose excitement, risky behavior, something to make them feel. It’s easy to get off track in a world filled with choices. What are the right choices? How can you know the way?

In Acts 2:42 the Apostle’s had an amazing day on the first Pentecost. Three thousand were convinced by their message and then they had to figure out what to do with them to keep them moving forward in faith and life. They laid out a plan. The plan was simple, direct, and profound. This is what they said:

1. Keep learning. Don’t ever stop. What they said exactly was “devote yourselves.” That is, make it a priority – THE priority. Keep learning from Scripture and stay alive and involved in life. Be in the world but don’t give into the world. You are called to a higher calling. You are an ambassador of sorts. So stay sharp. Keep alert.

2. Fellowship with one another. I think this was a wide ranging statement. They saw fellowship as more than having dinner together, although I think that may have been a part of it. They wanted people to find fellowship in getting together and serving their neighbors. They devoted themselves to a cause of caring for the stragglers, the outsiders, the down and out, the misunderstood, the cut off, the lost, and sometimes the scumbags of society. They weren’t like some garden club. They cared like the Master cared. Their fellowship happened on the way to serving.

3. Breaking bread was the third thing they said would transform life. Again, this is not a call to more pot-lucks in church basements. It’s sharing the Meal of the Eucharist and then sharing your food with the hungry. If you have $3,650, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world, according to Credit Suisse’s new report on global wealth. Where does that put you. The Eucharist was more than a “feel good” Sunday exercise. It is a call to action. We are fed with saving life so we might give our life for the sake of the world. It’s transformative. It’s interesting. It’s a better way to live. We learn to become generous – to give ourselves away.

4. Keep praying. Pray together, pray alone, call someone up and pray, pray in silence and listening, pray in meditation, pray in the Word – but pray. Prayer has power. People sometimes think prayer is like a vending machine. You drop this prayer into the almighty-prayer-slot-machine and you get a neatly packaged answer out. I think prayer connects us with our Creator – with the power of the universe. It is more than asking for something, it is connecting to a spiritual power. We need to listen to how that moves us towards truth and action. It will motivate us not so much to find ourselves as to lose ourselves in something greater than ourselves.

You want to know where to go…start moving. Follow the advice of those amazed apostles who were trying to figure out where they were going too. Move. Get together with a Church that gets this – that understands this meaning and is trying to make it happen. It will always be imperfect. Yet, if they are sincerely trying, you will find yourself being transferred too. A better life – a better story – a better legacy.

Be Well…

About Denny Meyer

I've been a pastor, spiritual director, and spiritual coach and worked with thousands of people over the years. You can find the life the Creator intended for you. Contact me if you want to find out more.
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