Spiritual Life Coaching – The Plan

Spiritual Life Coaching – The Plan

We are beginning a “Dare to Dream” series and yesterday I shared the framework of what we will be talking about. Let me share some things that will help keep you fully engaged in the process: 1. Make a commitment to come Sunday mornings for the next several weeks or listen to the podcast at bethanylaporte.org , 2. tune in to the mid-week podcast which will be posted on Wednesdays and looks at the theme and looks ahead, 3. Subscribe to the blog dennymeyer.me and get your own email each day, 4. Pray for the kids and future generations that we will leave a lasting legacy.

I also said that we would see some amazing things happen. Truly a miracle was shared with me. God is at work! Dave and Beth were Educational Missionaries in India and after retirement moved back to their home town. Beth was diagnosed with a serious cancer. We called together family and friends for prayer and anointing. Now since January she has bee undergoing treatment. This is what she recently shared:

“Just wanted to share our good news with you:

Ephesians 3:20-21:  To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory…for ever and ever! Amen

Dave and I had an appointment with my oncologist on Monday to discuss the latest test results and a maintenance plan since I am now done with the 6 chemotherapy treatments.  The PET scan report states:  “There is no definite evidence of residual active disease”, which means no cancer!!  Yes, to Him be the glory!

However, there still remains next to my bladder some soft tissue which is “leftovers” from the tumor pressing on my bladder.  Dr. Bedoya wants to consult with other oncologists before recommending one of the following — leave it alone, remove it with surgery, or use radiation to eliminate it.  So more on that in the future…

The bone marrow biopsy report was also good news.  The protein that was higher than normal in February is now in the normal range.  This protein is an indicator of possible multiply myeloma developing so Dr. Bedoya still wants me to see the specialist at the University of Chicago at the end of September.  This we can do.  

My maintenance plan to hopefully prolong any cancer returning is to have an infusion of Rituxan every 2 months.  This will require a day at the Cancer Center but I should not have side effects from it.  I’m scheduled to have this first done on Monday, September 21 and will continue this for 2 years.  

On Wednesday of this week I will have my port removed — yea!  I don’t need it for the maintenance infusions as they can use a vein in my arm for those.  I wanted it removed so that I don’t have the hassle when traveling by airplane of having a metal object in my body.  With my brother Bill and sister-in-law Linda, we are leaving for Greece on September 1st so this removal is just in time!  

To all of you have shared my cancer situation with your family and/or friends, or have forwarded my name to a church or prayer group, please relay to all that I am doing well, that my cancer is gone, that God has healed me, and thank everyone for all the prayers on my behalf.  

Thank you for your support, your correspondence with me over the past 7 months, and especially for your prayers.  To God be the glory!  Amen.”

Thanks Beth for sharing this. Anyone who is struggling with a serious illness – seek out those who will surround you and lift you up in prayer. Call on your pastor or the elders of your spiritual community and gather your family and friends for prayer. God is at work – be open to it.

Be Well…


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