Robin Wright wrote in the New Yorker Magazine (a leaning progressive publication), “America’s stability is increasingly an undercurrent in political discourse. Earlier this year, I began a conversation with Keith Mines about America’s turmoil. Mines has spent his career—in the U.S. Army Special Forces, the United Nations, and now the State Department—navigating civil wars in other countries, including Afghanistan, Colombia, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. He returned to Washington after sixteen years to find conditions that he had seen nurture conflict abroad now visible at home. It haunts him. In March, Mines was one of several national-security experts whom Foreign Policy asked to evaluate the risks of a second civil war—with percentages. Mines concluded that the United States faces a sixty-per-cent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years. Other experts’ predictions ranged from five per cent to ninety-five per cent. The sobering consensus was thirty-five per cent. And that was five months before Charlottesville.”

America may be coming unhinged and we need leaders who will speak up and lead from our Constitution and Bill of Rights but more importantly from the principals of the Golden Rule. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and almost every other faith community on the face of the earth has some form of this belief in their system of faith. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It seems as though the fringe is more and more driving the dialog of our nation. Included in this may be many in our own government. Shutting down speech and using pejorative messages toward dissenting opinions results in the attack of personalities and the shutting down of debate. It’s easy to do with the seeming anonymity of the internet and social media but it is driving a deeper and deeper wedge between the people of our nation.

The Civil War became a shooting war because diplomacy with words did not help. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” A failure of leadership by President James Buchanan Jr. put the nation in jeopardy of having no clear voice of reason in the public square. We are seeing that again today.

(Thanks for the lively discussion of the blog yesterday discussion is good when it advances understanding rather than shutting it down.)

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    Dennis, Below is a link to an article Joe just sent to me. I think Stonewall Jackson’s great-great-grandsons offer cogent reasons for removal of Confederate statues, one of the many issues causing “civil” division. I am glad you found your way back to your blog. Lenore



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