Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Most of the nation is in the deep freeze today. Snow and cold have reached to the south and blankets the midwest. What is frustrating and dangerous can also bring the best out in our nation. The way we care for one another comes out at times like this. My church, like many, has opened its doors as a warming center and a place to get a cup of hot coffee and soup. We’ve loaned out safe space heaters and we work with a local center to help people with utilities. As the old saying goes, “All politics is local.” While our leaders argue and squabble over big picture things, and are distracted often and miss local emergencies, those of us at the local level are doing the work of caring for one another. Keep doing that.

Check on your neighbors, be aware of the needs of the elderly, and say thank you to the public servants who are trying to keep the roads clear and services available for all. There was a local radio program around here where people called in to complain about how snow plow drivers closed in their driveways. The callers forgot that these men and women are keeping the roads open for everyone day and night. We complain about our own little problems and forget about the good of others. Let’s stop just thinking about ourselves and be aware of the needs of people around us during these stressful dangerous times.

Golden Rule – do you remember? What is it again? What a better way to live – what a better life story you will be writing if you live by it.

Be Well…


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