The Bride

The Bride

The drive to Illinois yesterday may have been the most windy stretch of driving I have ever made. It surpassed the winds crossing Iowa in tornado season – even the Kansas winds as I was heading to the mountains. Yet, I arrived safely, the sun came out, and the bride was happy that I made it in time for the rehearsal. As I sometimes do, I hovered over the rehearsal scene mentally while conducting the bride, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to their appointed places and ran through the liturgy, the readings, and the all important vows. They all expect this to last for an hour and thirty minutes later we’re done. The bride is nervous but so happy. Her eyes light up as she approaches the room on stage waiting to step down and give her his arm. There is always nervous laughter, giggling, and some back slapping with the men. And that’s when my mind drifts…

Is this what it’s like for us – the “bride church” to walk toward our groom, Jesus? The excitement builds, the nervous energy kicks in, the groom is there to greet us and welcome us and not just wait for us to climb the steps alone but to walk down, put his arm out, and escort us into the sanctuary of heavenly bliss. Bliss – that’s it. That is what I feel so often with happy brides and grooms. There is this unexplained revere that is not explained as lust but as love – coming home to the security of complete faith in the other. We meet in a moment of time – time above time. That is where Jesus – the Triumphant One wants to meet us.

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.” Rev. 21:2

Then I snap back as my stomach growls and realize that the rehearsal dinner awaits. Oh these base human needs that must be met. “OK, that’s it, any questions – good.” Ask the bride to tell everyone when to be here for pictures and we’re off to the dinner. I’ve done hundreds of these but each time my mind floats above the scene and I think of the beauty of how John describes meeting Jesus. Let it be so.

Be Well and Happy Sabbath…

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